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Being a newer agent to the Burke office, I have been welcomed and pushed by my peers to become a better real estate agent.

Everyone is extremely helpful and responsive, especially Michele. I look forward to see what the next couple of years have in store not only for myself, but the office as well.

Nick Dorka

Management is always available for help and the team is very friendly and supportive.

Training is available and your pay depends on your level of ambition

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Weichert Realtors provide excellent guidance to a successful career in Real Estate.

They offer mentorship, training, and weekly sales meeting. Everyone is helpful and dropping knowledge in every aspect of the business.

Review from Indeed

This office provides top-notch education and training programs on various real estate topics.

Equipped with tons of knowledge in real estate and technology, the manager is always there to guide, motivate and inspire. Team members are professional, able, willing and ready to help. A great office location too.

Suzie Xu

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